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“We were never tragedies, we were emergencies”

Buddy Wakefield is a spoken word poet, but I’d forgive you for thinking he was “literary” rapper Sage Francies.


Portico Quartet- Ruins

In the library

While I am in the library, reviewing papers on the political history of psychiatric nosology and diagnostic taxonomies (because hey, I’m a fun guy) I am listening to Holy Other on repeat. Holy Other and How to Dress Well’s Total Loss album. These are my recommendations. If you don’t follow them more fool you.

My thanks to autodespair for the tip to HTDW.

And while I’m at it…

Same old same

Try not to worry about it

Submerse- Tears

An introduction to future garage

Consider this the prolegomena to the postdubstep musical territory. Ephemeral, deep and resonant… a peaceful kind of brutality…a divine violence. The owl of minerva falls into a coma. We cling to the skin of the world.

Get Lonely

Songs you require in your life

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More Black Dub