Quote: Passsssssivvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvism

by Arran James

While I am engaged in the catastrophicedge readings I’ll be using this space as a dumping ground for various resources relevant to it. If anything come out of all this it’ll get sewn together at syntheticzero.


Passivism is the political methodology that is behind the Procedure. It is almost exactly the opposite of activism. The activist looks at the world and sees problems in the system about which something must be done. He leverages his political rights to convince and agitate the public, affect change through various mechanisms, and get society to fix the problem. The passivist, on the other hand, has no political rights, and he does not try to shift public opinion or influence the system in any way. The steel rule of Passivism is absolute renunciation of official power, which in practice precludes, “in no particular order”:

“demonstrations, press releases, suicide bombs, lawsuits, dirty bombs, Facebook campaigns, clean bombs, mimeographed leaflets, robbing banks, interning at nonprofits, assassination, “tea parties,” journalism, bribery, grantwriting, graffiti, crypto-anarchism, balaclavas, lynching, campaign contributions, revolutionary cells, new political parties, old political parties, flash mobs, botnets, sit-ins, direct mail, monkeywrenching, and any other activist technique, violent or harmless, legal or illegal, fashionable or despicable”.

The passivist is a subject, not a citizen; he is absolutely at the mercy of the system, whatever it is and whatever it decides to do. If the system orders him to jump, he jumps, but otherwise he goes about his private business. The passivist serenely refrains from having outraged and partisan opinions on the latest “social issues”. His solemn duty is to submit to and obey the system.

That’s liberating, in a way, but our activism-tainted minds are quick to reject it. We wonder exactly how we are supposed to take power and fix anything with this doctrine of political harmlessness. It’s a bit too Zen for us neophytes; “to take power,” says the master, “you must first renounce power”.

Right. Left. Meh.

From: The Future Primaeval- passivism and the procedure.