Choice and cuts

by Arran James


Human choice cuts


My place at the mental health day centre has been cancelled due to council cuts so, instead, I’ve been referred to my GP’s social prescribing service. In other words, I’ll get to meet once with someone who’ll go through a list of activities that are available to the general public in my local area, and then I’ll be left to get on with it. Social prescribing is a really good idea and will provide a valuable service for many people I’m sure. It’s something that hopefully will spread to more areas. But that’s hardly equivalent to a specialist day centre for people diagnosed with serious mental health problems. Not in any way.

As @444blackcat said:

“[Since the centre closed,] a lot [of former attendees] are now sitting at home. At the centre, they felt at ease and didn’t have to explain anything. I get the idea that people should…

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