Hunting for a red October: events round-up for the next few weeks

by Arran James

A full few weeks of action.

Cautiously pessimistic

"These people need homes - these homes need people": the Focus E15 Mothers getting their message out

There’s quite a lot of important events happening over the next few weeks. Some of them have been quite widely publicised, others less so, but here’s a round-up of events that look worth attending over the next month or so:

First, Plan C are holding a co-ordinated series of public meetings about work next week. In their words:

“We Need To Talk About Work: a series of public discussions about the crisis of the work society and strategies for moving beyond it.

Plan C is calling for two things in October:

* Mass support, solidarity actions and participation in the national trade union strike on October 16th.

* A bloc at the TUC demo on October 18th in London.

We want to open up the ideas and plans for these interventions to everyone who shares our problem with work. We’ve already started these discussion and want to continue them…

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