note book

by Arran James

As this blog as been pretty dead for a while I’ve decided to resurrect it as a place for notes, or rather for the writing up of notes into readable forms. I’m pretty bad at note taking so this’ll be good for me, if I manage to stick to it. I have one of those post-internet minds that is incapable of sticking to any one or two reading projects. So on here I intend to attempt to stick to two or three. And they’re odd ones given that so much of the work out there today comes “after” the big names of theory as they will focus on at least two of them. I want to do some miniwrite ups on Foucault’s writings on madness, my readings of Lacan (with a view to ground readings of Guattari), and readings on behaviourism. Occasionally- cos I know I’ll be side tracked- I’ll try to make notes of whatever else is significantly of interest. As such this won’t be a space for arguments so much as a space for getting into things.