Rumble rumble

by Arran James

So, most of my long posts are now going through, which is now also the blog I link to when I comment elsewhere (ie. its my main blogging outlet), and I’m going to be writing elsewhere on mental health. As the nature of the site I’m going to be writing about mental health and antipsychiatry on is of an avowedly political nature it’ll be done psuedonymously , so if you want to know where to go to read my thoughtdribblings on that set me an email. Those posts are likely to be more conversational/less high-theory and will probably form the basis for a larger project, some of which will undoubtedly appear on synthetic z. 

As such, I’m not quite sure what this blog is for so it’ll probably undergo something of a transformation…becoming something more like a notebook or a place for reflection, perhaps with the odd thing on anarchism, or fields related to it that I occasionally explore.