John Zerzan: Why Hope? Because no faith!

by Arran James


John Zerzan’s written work increasingly resembles his spoken word (a la Anarchy Radio“). In other words, his written work increasingly resembles any opinion piece that you might find within a high school newspaper. For example, in his latest piece “Why Hope?,” he argues that anarchists should return to the concept of hope. He writes,

It’s pretty fashionable, among anarchists as well, to sneer at the notion of hope, to explicitly rule out any chance of overall victory over domination and oppression. […] In this way the misery of burn-out and disillusionment will be avoided and we’ll all be a lot happier(!) The Mexican Unabomber-type group, Individualidades teniendo a lo salvaje (ITS), also firmly asserts that there’ll be no winning. “We do not believe this is possible,” they proclaim repeatedly.

But it is possible.

There are at least two striking errors in Zerzan’s logic. First, it seems…

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