The Alternative Eulogy to Thatcher: Dead in Body, Alive in Spirit

by Arran James

While I’m not going to celebrate the death of an elderly woman, I can’t say I’m sad at the passing of the symbolic nomination “Margret Thatcher”. While sections of the left celebrate (only time has won in this) we should be aware that her passing is also the marking of a transition from the neoliberalism that she helped inaugerate to the accelerative neoliberalism that doesn’t require people with such outmoded notions as nation, family, or any other transcedent signifer outside of capital. If Thatcher is a name as much as she was an individual, then what that name names is far from dead. While revellers take to the street in morbid joy, a festival of resentment, the recomposition Thatcher sanctioned (although didn’t truly cause) continues. There is nothing to celebrate here.

Scriptonite Daily


Today sees the death, by stroke, of the UK’s longest serving and only female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  Champagne corks might well be popping in Trafalgar Square, but we must remember that while the woman has died (nothing to gloat over in and of itself); her damaging world view has seized the body politic and continues to choke it of all compassion.

Thatcher’s Finest Moments


Margaret Thatcher led the country for 11 years, between 1979 and 1990 and during that time she successfully oversaw the transformation of the UK economy and society from neo-socialism to neoliberalism.  If neo-socialism was deemed a disaster for leaving the UK with a National Debt of 45% by 1980, then what can we make of neoliberalism which has racked up a debt of 138% by 2013?

Tony Benn, speaking of Thatcher to the BBC today rightly stated that Thatcher realised that to destroy…

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