Fundamental Vulnerabilities

by Arran James

At the risk of being accused of being in the throes of a bromance, Michael- has a fantastic post up, ‘Theorizing Vulnerability‘, that feels like something I would have written…if I could write as well as him.

Our fundamental vulnerability demonstrates how our bodies are intrinsically processual. My body extends itself in oder to sustain and nourish itself. Our bodies touch and are touched by other bodies and things, exposing themselves to possibilities we can neither completely enumerate nor fully articulate. All existences and objects are exposed to innumerable elements and essences, which combine, dissipate, re-combine, and affect these lives in ways that can be only imperfectly or partially foreseen or forestalled. In this sense, my body is ontologically and excessively response-able to others and, more disturbingly, to the precariousness of the wilderness of being.