Agent SWARM picks at the bones

by Arran James

Terence Blake has a dense, purposeful, and atomic critique of Graham Harman’s version of object-oriented ontology up on his blog. It begins with a discussion of Alex Galloway and the recent controversy there, but Blake goes on to outline his own position as well. I only draw attention to it because some of it resonates with what I’ve been writing about Timothy Morton. Although, this is a critique much more scathing one could almost call it a denunciation or a purge. A little taste that I felt resonated with things I’ve been writing of late:

Despite its promises, Harman’s OOO does not bring us closer to the richness and complexity of the real world but in fact replaces the multiplicitous and variegated world with a set of bloodless and lifeless abstractions – his unknowable and untouchable, “ghostly”, objects.