Circulate or die

by Arran James

Interesting New Inquirer blog article on the free circulation of information via twitter and the digital in the humanities. It also has cause to dwell a little on the age-old public-private dichotomy. It makes an interesting read but the first (and at time of writing, only) comment is what is most interesting. That comment frames scholarly tweets as conversational rather than broadcast.

But the most fun thing about the whole thing is that that comment appears to be impossible to copy and paste, impossible for me to circulate freely without re-typing the whole thing from scratch. And who has the time for that?

Also on the New Inquiry is a post on “Microcelebrity“, defined as ‘ Microcelebrity is a matter of misrecognizing the potential to be broadcast as the achievement of being seen; mistaking talking for necessarily having an audience’. This is a conclusion that this blog has never led me to reach. Key terms: communicative economy; attention economy; cynicism; branding.