by Arran James


"The campaign is about “the empowerment of the ritual of getting dressed in the morning and choosing your path,” said Len Peltier, vice president and global creative director for the Levi’s brand at Levi Strauss & Company in San Francisco.

Although the campaign is “still about recognizing youth,” it is “important we get back to a style and product proposition,” he added, otherwise the ads “can get a little too ethereal or esoteric.”

A campaign that celebrates youth achievement at a time when youth unemployment is so widespread may seem counterintuitive.

“This is a fine line,” Mr. Peltier acknowledged, between the perennially optimistic viewpoint of the Levi’s brand and being “honest and authentic with our consumers.”

The goal of the campaign is “to inspire,” Mr. Peltier said, adding: “It’s saying, ‘You’ve got the power to get up and do it for yourself.’ That’s the ‘Go forth.’ ”…"

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