The concept of ‘cosmos’

by Arran James

It strikes me, furthermore, that debates over whether realities are singular or multiple can be enriched with the notion of ‘cosmos’ (or imminent plane of being if you will). Cosmos is the non-container for the myriad entities, real or imagined, ‘fact’ or factish, material or semiotic that are participating in radically decentralised – i.e. emergent – ‘choreographies’ of creation and destruction. We humans, like any other perceiving entities, can only really ever glimpse a little of our own corner of the cosmos and that too only in a partial manner. We experience reality as primarily local, with reports of distant events having to undergo complex chains of translations before we can experience them – if they reach us at all… and this is despite the digital information revolution.

– Intra-Being. Here.

Cosmos is an indispensible concept, I reckon. Also intrigued by the use of the term ‘choreography’ throughout this post….dance being the materialist art form, if you ask me.