The New Aesthetic

by Arran James

i demand nothing. the new aesthetic? this tired old modernist obsession with ‘the new’… how monotonous… look at it, it’s even about collections and is linked to object-oriented philosophy#s obsession with lists/litanies… just putting things, any old things, down next to each other and hoping against hope it’s interesting, shocking or innovative.

monotony as form. the conscious self-deception that there is no ‘new’ on the horizon, that if ever such a seduction tickled its tongue on the ballsack of our aesthetic intellgibility then we broke that frame along time ago and found out that it wasn’t a frame at all… it was just some bits of wood hammered together.

the absence of a manifesto… that’s just an invitation to all the amateur manifesto writers. it’s impossible to say nothing; everything that is silent must be spoken for. chattering imbeciles, we write boos, documents, essays, blurbs and blog posts.

We had art to save us from truth but its gone awry. now we need truth to save us from art… the most fully developed market of banal illusions.