by Arran James

Why so many invective accusations lobbied at facts? Facts are alleged to obscure truth, pretenders at neutrality whose sole function is to exact the operation of power, lifeless forms that appear mute and dead before the enigmatic forces of imagination, desire and seduction. Let’s admit it; facts have little weight against these things and they never do ‘speak for themselves’, a life lived factually without the slightest hint of passion or inclination would be more sterile than the most moribund days passed sitting behind desks. It is not a question of an existence one without the other. Rather, the fact is terrifying in its tenacity. It will outlast you. It speaks of a time prior to your birth, prior still to the emergence of the possibility of your or anyone else’s birth, prior even to the generation of Life. The fact speaks also of the time when you and beings like you, when particular beings of the kind we’re concerned with, will no longer be possible. For those still attached to existence, especially those who think qua the correlation that this world is somehow of their mutual creation, this can only but appear as the utmost horror. Who of us isn’t still in this camp? Still wedded to existence- to “Life”.