by Arran James

in a side room he was bleeding out
nurses rushing in with cloth
and the ashen faces on the other patients
made clear how it was going to end

and we sat in the bar with our beers to our brows
the heat was still drawing in close
and it would still be another few hours
before the rain would let loose

‘i just stood dumbly in the doorway
and wretched from the scent of decay
like something come out from a body collapsing
something that shouldn’t come out’

and as he said it
and told me about the young girl who tutted
and sighed
suddenly i thought what’s all this matter
and felt just so glad that you are alive

and yes i still think we have things to work through
there are things we both still need to say
but the burden is lighter and the air is clearer
now that death stands in the way
cos for all these things that you haven’t told me
and all these things in myself that i stil haven’t tamed

at least we’re both standing and we’re both still walking
so put your hands into mine
so i can feel the pulse in your fingers and know
that the blood that flows through them isn’t mine

cos i know that when we first exchanged tongues
and desires that you couldn’t live as a slave
that you need to dance to the fire of the world and
burn brightly besides it again and again
and its why i love you
so let’s not open the door to that side-room
let’s say yes to everything
even if just for a little while