third one for the day

by Arran James


when you're not with me
the day is longer than a life
and i age so much
that i don't recognise
my own face 

when your gone away
i can't find a thing to do
any more and i used to
be in love with solitude
but now i'm in love with you

so i’m writing missives
to the pictures that you left
on this machine
but they don’t laugh
the way you do
and they can’t hold me
as tight as you
and they won’t castigate
for the strange noises i make
in the night 

so  i’ll keep waiting
until you make it home 
and i would wait
until the sky turned solid
and the soil began to rain
the light shone dark
until the madmen speak
one coherent truth 

because i used to be in love
with my empty solitude
but now i’m in love with the
surface and the depth of you